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The Librarians is an upcoming NFT Collection, but do you know the origin story?

Let’s jump back to 2020, where everything began…

Having studied law & then pivoted into tech, our founder @EstherKuforiji found her love for literature relegated to the sidelines of her life. She had many ideas, but found it impossible to get beyond a few pages in any story. So, she decided to take some decisive action.

It began with a mindset shift – a few pages did not have to be a failure – a few pages could be the goal. It was decided, she would write short stories! Mindset shift down, she then had to change her habits…”

At the beginning of 2021, our founder @EstherKuforiji decided to commit herself to writing a short story every week. She would find an inspiration, write a story of a few thousand words and then publish it on her website.

It was a simple plan, and it worked! She found herself, for the first time in a long time, writing & completing works of fiction.

Now, the after tremors of a global pandemic & “”LIFE”” got in the way, but she wrote 16 short stories! One of those stories, written in May 2021, was a short story called The Library. Inspired by Jorge Louis Borges’ concept of a never ending library, she drew from her love for science fiction and her experience in the XR space to create a Virtual Library, a world of stories, essentially, a metaverse.

Later that year, Esther discovered NFTs. She realised that each NFT collection is essentially a cast of characters. She saw the storytelling potential of blockchain technology and realised that she had to bring the Library to the Blockchain. Thus the Librarians were born!

You may be wondering what exactly happens in the story. Well, that’s the topic for our next post….

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