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Before the Librarians came ‘The Library’, a short story with big ideas

The Librarians is an NFT collection based on a short story that our founder Esther Kuforiji wrote. The short story that the collection is based on is called: The Library. If you haven’t read the story, here’s a short synopsis with the key ideas:

The Library is set thousands of years in the future. It is a utopian future, but it turns somewhat dystopian…

The human race has explored the entire universe and discovered that we are alone.

What impact does this discovery have on humanity?

The impact is devastating.

This realisation throws humankind into a deep depression. All hope is lost; people have no sense of purpose and nothing to strive for, until…

Someone proposes an innovative solution: all humans are invited to the Library.

In the Library, people can pick up a book and literally live in the world of the story. As a result, humans find new hope and purpose, and they can continue to explore new worlds – forever.

The story explores the experiences of the people inhabiting the Library, a never-ending metaverse of stories. It is those people, the diversity and dynamism of humanity that are depicted in our NFT collection. You can reed the full story here.

But how did we get these characters off the written page? We worked with our amazing lead artist Bibi Kitanovska @clumsyartist10 to bring these characters to life.

More on her shortly…

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