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Welcome to The Library

Early Access

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    • Meet the Librarians
    The Librarians

    The Librarians

    The Librarians is a collection of 10,000 characters who have emerged from the world depicted in The Library, a short story written by Esther Kuforiji.

    The Librarians are stylish, futuristic book lovers , each with a unique combination of attributes. They will live on the Ethereum Blockchain starting in Spring 2022.

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    • The sTory Behind the Collection
    The Story

    The Story

    Esther wrote The Library as an ode to bookworms all over the globe and all those who are excited about the intersection of technology and storytelling.

    The Library is much more than a building. It is an entire world. Want to know more? Read the short story for yourself!

    — Read The Library here
    • Bringing the Story to Life Through Art
    The Artwork

    The Artwork

    Esther worked with long time collaborator Biljana on the original cover art for The Library and is excited to join forces again with Biljana, an incredibly talented artist, on this NFT collection.

    The artwork of the collection features a diversity of hairstyles and skin tones, as well as a variety of objects and literary themes accessories.

    • Product Benefits
    Holder Benefits

    Holder Benefits

    This is an artist-centric project. Esther is a writer and conceptual artist who is excited to collaborate and create worlds through the written word as well as in other creative ways. However, holding a Librarian gives you access to a number of benefits:

    Book Club: Starting July 2022, token holders will gain access to an exclusive monthly book club with both book giveaways and claimable POAPs!

    Charity Project: For each Librarian NFT sold, a book will be donated to a grassroots organisation. We are excited to be partnering with Chess in Slums on this and more charitable partners will be announced shortly.

    The Future: The Librarians NFT is the first blockchain-based project from Esther Kuforiji. However, it is just the first chapter. Esther intends to explore the full storytelling potential of Web3 technologies, and Librarians NFT holders can expect more storytelling innovation both in the digital and physical world.

    • Meet the Team
    The Team

    The Team

    The Librarians NFT team is small but mighty! We are also excited to be collaborating with NiftyKit, Chess in Slums and other partners on this drop.

    — Esther's Mission Statement & FAQs

    "I am a writer who is passionate about technology. I believe that the internet is changing and the next version of the web, Web 3.0, will bring a new dawn for creators. This NFT is only the beginning of an epic storytelling adventure and I am excited to work hard to bring value to everyone and anyone who will join me."

    A collection of 10,000 diverse, beautifully crafted book lovers.  The Librarians are an extension of the literary universe created by Esther Kuforiji in her short story The Library. The collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain sometime in Spring 2022. 

    The Library is a short story written by Esther Kuforiji. You can read it here.

    Esther Kuforiji is the author of The Library and several other short stories as well as founder and creative director the Librarians NFT collection. The art work in the collection was created by Esther's creative collaborator Bi Bi a talented artist who has previously worked with Esther on the cover art for her short stories.

    The Librarians NFT collection will be made available when the smart contract launches later this year. You will be able to buy the NFTs on this website. You can sign up here for early access.

    The initial mint price will be set at 0.07 ETH. The will be a preliminary sale for early adopters which will hopefully help to prevent excessive gas fees. There will also be opportunities to win Librarians!

    Chess in Slums is an organisation that aims to unlock the potential of children using chess, educational resources and mentorship. Chess in Slums will receive a donated book for each NFT sold. Tunde Onakoya and his team began visiting slums in Lagos, Nigeria and have already impacted the lives of hundreds of children. Your support will help them spread their work across Nigeria and across Africa.

    Esther is excited to further explore the potentially of the blockchain as a storytelling platform. Over the course of 2022 there will be monthly book club events for NFT holders. In addition, there is a season 2 NFT collection planned, more short stories as well as some physical projects. This is not a single drop but the beginning of storytelling journey. Esther is committed to bringing value to her readers and supporters for the long term. She is also passionate about supporting emerging writers and NFT creators.